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Water conservation tips for summer

Good water conservation habits aren't just for the dry summer months, but all year round. Invercargill City Council recently put out some excellent water conservation tips, which we'd like to...

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Labour Weekend DIYers—don’t attempt the plumbing!

Reality DIY shows may inspire you to get stuck into your own renovations, but shoddy workmanship can cost money to fix, and also invalidate your insurance cover, AA Insurance is...

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Think before you flush

A lot of things get flushed down our toilets that shouldn’t be flushed—like wipes, paper towels and tissues.

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Summer water saving

As the weather hots up, we all need to think about conserving water—especially those of us on tank water. Simple actions can save thousands of litres of water each year.

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Disposing of 'flushable' wipes

Consumer NZ says it wants flushable wipes' manufacturers to drop claims that they are flushable. This follows a Consumer test of 11 flushable wipes, which found they don’t break down...

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